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xiubaek flirting

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welcoming all of you cuties to twerking-xiumin's 2nd giveaway aka


hello there, dear old and new followers!
i think it’s finally time to get my new giveaway going, i apologize for the long wait. but yes, now we’re finally here. this time i’d like to celebrate another birthday (last time the giveaway was for minseok’s bday if you didn’t know already). it’s gonna be may in just a few days and i’d like to take this opportunity to have a joint birthday bash. 2nd of may is taozi’s, 4th of may is mine and 6th of may is byunbaek’s. and since i can’t actually make an actual bday party happen for the three of us, i will at least make this giveaway happen in our honor lmao. not too many prizes (tbh i just can’t afford too much at the time being, but i might add on things later if i can afford it then) but i hope you enjoy it anyway? i’m not endorsed/supported by any sites in any way, it’s just all from me (´・ω・`) that being said, let’s get this going, i hope you all like it, it’s all for you, because you all make me so happy (ღ˘◡˘ღ)

prizes include;

  • exo overdose 2nd mini album cd korean version 
  • exo overdose 2nd mini album official poster
  • exo overdose white t-shirt size XL (yes i know the photo has the black version
  • xiumin symbol necklace
  • galaxy 88 long shirt in XXL (in honor of galaxy_fanfan)

the rules (pretty much the same as last time);

  1. you gotta be following me
  2. the giveaway is worldwide, no worries ( ^ 3^)/
  3. this post has to get at least 200 reblogs/likes for the giveaway to follow through
  4. you can reblog how ever many times you want and like once
  5. the giveaway will end 1pm CET on the 4th of june 2014, i will contact the winner within 24h and then the winner will have another 24h to answer me, if the winner has not answered within that time i will crown a new winner!
  6. you gotta have your askbox open during this time, otherwise i won’t be able to contact you and i’ll crown a new winner
  7. no giveaway blogs. 
  8. you must be ready to give me your postal address, and get consent from your parents for it if you’re underage!
  9. i will pay the full shipping of course, but you will have to pay any charges that your own country’s customs might charge you
  10. you’re not allowed to edit or delete the rules etc in this post, i will not count any reblog of a modified version of this post as legit ok (but of course you can comment on it etc, just don’t take away anything i’ve written!)
  11. this time too; i will throw in extra prizes in this giveaway if it gets over 1000 notes
  12. if you’re wondering about anything, please contact me here

so, i guess that concludes the important info? i really hope you will like it, this is all me wanting to show my appreciation for you guys. i love you all so much and if i could i would give you all a bunch of prizes each, but uh… that would leave me flat out broke in less than a minute, so i guess this will have to do for now. you all mean so very much to me and during my darkest times you guys and exo are pretty much the sole reason i even force myself to get out of the bed in the morning.
i love you i love you i love you!! 
good luck and i wish you all a pleasant spring (´∀`)♡ ~



What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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this is so cool omg i could look at these for hours

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